How to Extend the Results of Teeth Whitening

Congratulations on whitening your teeth and achieving the smile of your dreams! Now, it’s time to take care of your new smile. Here are four easy steps you can take to extend the results of your teeth whitening treatment from Joey Cazares, DDS and Associates.

1. Keep up with good oral hygiene

You know the drill: Brush at least twice a day, floss at least once, and use an antiseptic mouthwash to kill bacteria. Those steps constitute the bare minimum, but you may also want to consider brushing after each meal, or at least swishing with water to rinse out your mouth.

2. Minimize staining foods and drinks

Unfortunately, many foods are not good for teeth, even if they’re good for your body. Coffee, dark chocolate, red wine, and tea are some of the main culprits. Other teeth-staining foods and drinks include soy sauce, soft drinks, balsamic vinegar, turmeric, tomato sauce, beets, and berries.

If you drink coffee or enjoy a glass of red wine, make an effort to brush your teeth right after you finish your beverage. The sooner you can remove the filmy layer left by these staining beverages, the easier it will be to keep your teeth bright white.

3. Avoid nicotine and tobacco products

Like certain foods and drinks, nicotine and tobacco products are serious offenders when it comes to staining teeth. Cigarettes, cigars, and chewing tobacco are all known to give teeth a yellow and sometimes brown tint. Even e-cigarettes, which contain liquid nicotine, can stain your teeth. 

If you have a nicotine or tobacco habit, maybe the thought of having healthy, radiant teeth can serve as a motivator to kick the habit. Your mouth, skin, brain, and other organs will thank you. 

4. Schedule maintenance appointments 

Scheduling maintenance appointments for your teeth can significantly extend the results of your initial teeth whitening treatment. Most patients enjoy long-lasting results with touch-ups every six months, but you may need more frequent touch-ups if you eat or drink staining foods or use nicotine or tobacco products. 

You can also ask Dr. Cazares about at-home whitening products to use in between teeth whitening appointments. In most cases, Dr. Cazares can offer custom teeth whitening strips or molds for you to take home. 

Is professional teeth whitening right for you? 

Professional teeth whitening is for anyone who yearns for a brighter, whiter, healthier-looking smile. You may especially benefit from professional teeth whitening if: 

Are you ready to brighten your smile? Schedule an appointment over the phone with Joey Cazares, DDS and Associates today.

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