Straight Teeth are About Oral Health as Well as Aesthetics

A beautiful smile with straight, gleaming teeth is a movie star essential. But you don’t have to be a movie star to enjoy the many benefits of straight teeth. Perfectly aligned teeth allow you to smile with confidence, rather than cover your mouth out of embarrassment.

While the aesthetic value of a straight smile is surely an asset both professionally and personally, having straight teeth is as much about your oral health as it is about an attractive appearance.

Here at the practice of Joey Cazares, DDS and Associates, in McAllen, Mercedes, and Penitas, Texas, our team of highly skilled dentists offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic solutions to give you straighter, healthier teeth.

Crooked or overlapping teeth can make maintaining optimal oral health a challenge at best, and sometimes next to impossible. But, straight teeth are easier to clean and will help you have the best oral health long term.

Think there’s no reasons to straighten your teeth? You might think again after reading about the many oral health benefits here.

Straight teeth make brushing and flossing easier

Let’s face it: you may not spend an entire two minutes, twice a day, every day brushing your teeth, as the American Dental Association recommends for optimal oral health. And if you’re attempting to clean crooked, overlapping teeth, how well do you think you’re getting all the leftover sugary substances out from beneath the overlaps? Anywhere you can’t reach easily with a toothbrush or dental floss is an ideal location for bacteria, plaque, and tartar to build up.

Over time, crooked teeth become even more susceptible to cavities and decay, since it’s so much harder to keep them clean. Straight teeth, however, make it a breeze to brush all the surfaces of your teeth, inside and out, and floss between them with ease. This practice is essential for keeping your teeth healthy and your gums from developing gingivitis or periodontitis — a more advanced form of gum disease.

If you can’t keep your teeth as clean as they need to be, even when you’re brushing and flossing as you should, you’re setting yourself up for future dental issues and expensive dental work. Straight teeth can help you avoid complicated dental restorations and help you keep your natural teeth for a lifetime.

Crooked teeth can lead to tooth loss

It only makes sense that if your overlapping or misaligned teeth are more susceptible to decay, there’s a better chance you could lose a decayed permanent tooth, as well. Once you lose a tooth, the others are more likely to shift out of place, causing additional, complex dental problems. Straightening your teeth before you face that difficulty can prevent it from ever occurring.

Straight teeth help you bite and chew easier

It may not seem like a big deal, especially if you’ve spent most of your teenage and adult life biting and chewing the foods you love with crooked teeth, but that contributes to unnecessary wear-and-tear. Abnormal bite patterns can lead to excessive wear on tooth tooth enamel, and eventually cause problems with your jaw. You may experience pain and tension in your jaw that comes from having misaligned teeth.

When you’re able to bite and chew using the proper surfaces of your teeth, without interference, you’ll prevent enamel erosion and jaw problems down the road.

Although the cosmetic benefits of straight teeth are outwardly undeniable, here at Joey Cazares, DDS and Associates, we believe the oral health benefits are even more valuable. Having a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing smile ultimately begins with your best oral health.

Are you ready to take the first step toward a straighter, healthier smile? Give us a call at the office closest to you in McAllen, Mercedes, or Penitas to schedule a consultation. You can also send us a message online or via email.


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