Veneers: A Simple Solution to Many Smile Flaws

Veneers: A Simple Solution to Many Smile Flaws

Do you feel embarrassed and ill at ease every time you smile because of crooked, chipped, discolored, or misshapen teeth? Today’s veneers are a great, minimally invasive method to correct a variety of imperfections in your smile.

Veneers are wafer-thin covers that are bonded to the front, sides, and bottom of your teeth. They turn a smile that’s left you embarrassed into a smile with rows of even, white, straight teeth. If you lack self-confidence when you smile due to common smile flaws, don’t wait another day to consult with us at Joey Cazares, DDS & Associates to see if veneers are the right solution to transform your smile from distracting to dazzling.

Following are the typical types of problem smiles that veneers can solve.

A gap between your teeth

Each time you smile, do you feel people look at the gap between your teeth and not at you? Even though some celebrities, like Michael Strahan, have a gap between their front teeth, you may want all of your teeth in alignment so that it’s not the way people identify you.

Today’s veneers can make it possible to close that awkward gap so people see your beautiful smile instead of focusing on an empty space between your teeth.

Misshapen, uneven, or crooked teeth

Do some of your teeth noticeably protrude from the others and stick out at odd angles? Nature may not have blessed you with straight, even teeth and you’re wondering which dental solution could help. We evaluate your teeth and may recommend veneers, braces, or aligners, depending on which is the best solution for you.

Modern veneers can provide excellent results for many cases of crooked teeth so you don’t have to wear aligners or braces for months or years to solve the problem.

Perhaps you have a sports injury that chipped several teeth, and you want a row of normal teeth again. At Joey Cazares, DDS & Associates, we can determine whether bonding, veneers, or crowns are the best solution.

If you have misshapen teeth or a tooth that’s smaller or larger than those surrounding it, veneers can mask these flaws. Within a couple of office visits, your smile can rival that of the evening news anchor.

Stained, dark-colored, or yellow teeth

Have you noticed when you look in the mirror that your teeth are no longer white? They may have become a dingy gray or brown color, or they may be noticeably yellowish. Teeth that aren’t bright and white can make you look older than you are, especially when they’re coupled with other smile flaws such as protruding, uneven teeth.

Discolored teeth are a common problem, and age and lifestyle play a role. Here are some common culprits:

Dark-colored beverages

If you drink coffee every morning to give you energy to start your day, your teeth eventually succumb to stains. Although your teeth may appear smooth on the outside, they actually contain tiny ridges and pits. The pigment from the coffee can stay planted in these microscopic pits. Tea, red wine, and dark soft drinks have the same effect.  


Smoking or other tobacco use eventually stains your teeth. Your once-white teeth can become yellow or a noticeably brownish color. Nicotine and tar soak through the enamel, causing the discoloration. Dark-colored teeth, aside from being unsightly, may signal to others that you have some type of health problem.


Tooth enamel is hard, but it gets thinner as you get older. The material underneath your tooth enamel is called dentin; it yellows with age, and as the enamel thins, the dentin shows through, leaving your teeth looking yellowish or brownish.

Getting your veneers

Application of veneers is a minimally invasive procedure that requires just two office visits. At the first appointment, we make impressions of your teeth, then send the impressions to a lab, where your veneers are created. At your second appointment, we gently place the veneers on your teeth and apply a special bonding agent so the veneers adhere permanently to your teeth.

Call or book an appointment with us at Joey Cazares, DDS & Associates today to see if veneers are the solution to give you a sparkling new smile.

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